Neev Classes

About Us

Nimish Vikas - Founder & Director
B.E. Marine, MERI, Calcutta (through IIT-JEE)
Visionary of IITNeev, Nimish envisions empowering students with core concepts and enthusiasm for the subject. His passion for developing young brains has fetched high respect from both ... Read more
Shivam Rajgrihar - CoFounder
MTech & BTech (Hons), Electrical Engg, IIT Kharagpur
Shivam is extremely passionate towards mentoring students for IIT-JEE. Shivam's understanding of the subject ... Read more
Divya Vikas - Patron, CEO
VRS IRSME (CME), FIE, FIPWE, MIRT, MIUT, Chartered Engineer.(IE)
Mr. Vikas brings  34 yrs of experience in Management, Research & Design from his illustrious career at Indian ... Read more
Ranjan Bannerjee –Co founder
BTech(Hons) Chemical Engg ,IIT Bombay
Ranjan has been instrumental in mentoring students for IIT-JEE since his IIT days. Ranjan prefers conceptual thinking to rote learning. His approach towards solving organic problems is unmatchable. His innovative approach towards reaction mechanism creates a visual.
Dilip Chandra- Mentor
Dilip has always belived is imparting pratical knowledge to his student. He has been involved in nurturing young minds since his IIT days at various levels. His ability to teach mathematics is unique which puts the students at ease, keeping a keen focus on the fundamentals of the subject. His academic excellence was well appreciated at both & national level.
Roushan Kumar-Co Founder
MTech & BTech(Hons),Mechanical Engg ,IIT Kharagpur
Roushan is specialist in RMO (Regional Mathematical Olympiad IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad ). Olympiad problems require approach and cognitive ability which demands a different level.
Sulabh Vikas (Founder & Co-Director)
BE (Electronics &Comm.)
Sulabh Brings on Boards a blends of Management & technical Expertise . He specialized in imparting knowledge in electrical and electronics subjects. He helps students in academic projects.