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JIGYASA (1 year program for Std IX )

Philosophy of Jigyasa:

This course is meant for students entering class IX of any Board.
The basic aim of this course is to ignite their curiosity in Science and Mathematics. We believe that a child can appreciate the world around them and excel in his/her future academic years, only if he/she has the true knowledge of the subject and eagerness to explore further.

To achieve this, we start our course from the very beginning, i.e. from the birth of the universe. Through our programme the students start to realise the beauty of science, and how efficiently the natural and man-made world around them is functioning based on few simple Laws. Gradually we progress to the present world where we want them to be in awe of the numerous miracles happening around them daily (which seems quite ordinary to them), and then become curious about their functioning. Even when they are performing as simple a task as switching on a bulb, we want them to know exactly what they have done to make the bulb glow and not just a theoretic explanation like electrical energy got converted to light energy.

Our programme is heavily aided by videos and practicals to ensure effective understanding of the various notions. The class atmosphere is on the playful side with lots of group discussions and presentations. Since all the concepts covered in our programme will be required for XIth and XIIth, we hope that the visual and on hand experience will help them better in retaining the concepts even when they get busy with the Xth Boards the next year.

Apart from building basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, the students will also be initiated into making small utility circuits and robotics. We lay emphasis on building circuits without ICs and only with basic components to increase their basic understanding of electricity and electronics, and hence is not a gimmick session of component assembly. Students are also familiarized with Computer programming and Biology, so that they are well informed before they choose stream for their future.

Since this course has a holistic approach to develop overall scientific aptitude of the students, our course is not concerned with the class IX school syllabus. Topics covered by us may match the chapters in school depending on the Board but our course is not meant for enhancement of marks in school. Hence this programme, unlike our other programmes, is not assignment intensive.
Admission to this course is through our Selection Test, the date for which will be announced on our website.

Student Clinic @ 05:30 PMĀ 

This is the personal space wherein a student can interact one on one with the faculty to address his/her queries/doubts. The student may even ask doubts related to school syllabus.