Neev Classes

KSHITIJ (1 year program for X boards and NTSE/Olympiads)

Philosophy of Kshitij :

This course is designed to help students achieve the highest levels of excellence and grades in their class X board exams. Here, we try to lay a strong foundation in for the student’s upcoming academic life. The subjects covered by us will be - Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. Along with class X studies, we conduct extra classes for teaching basic concepts of mathematics and science. This auxiliary teaching helps students to perform well in NTSE exams, Olympiads etc. Kshitij Programs have the following batches:

  1. CBSE Board
  2. ICSE Board
  3. Foundation*

Targeted approach towards success:

Phase I( For CBSE this is followed twice for each semester; for ICSE it ends by November end and is followed once):
In this phase basic concepts and problem solving techniques of all the chapters are covered in detail in the class. Each chapter is followed by (1) a chapter assignment which carries marks and needs to be submitted the next week, and (2) a chapter test in the following week. Students are not allowed to proceed to ‘Phase 2’ and are called for extra remedial classes if they fail to score satisfactorily in the assignments and tests.
Phase II(For CBSE this is followed twice for each semester; for ICSE it starts in December and goes on till the Board exams ):
In this phase students are made to take multiple full length tests. This helps them plan and time their paper for the actual Board exam. It also helps in revision of all the chapters and eradication of doubts if any. Each test is followed by its analysis and discussion in class.

Student Clinic @ 05:30 PM 

This is an innovative mechanism to work with the weakness of a student at chapter/phase level. If the performance is not satisfactory in assignment/Chapter Test/Phase Test the student will be called for extra class at 05:30 pm apart from his regular class at Neev. This is also the personal space whereina student can interact one on one with the faculty to address his/her queries/doubts. It is highly recommended that the student should come prepared to utilize this time.


This is a separate batch which runs parallel with the main batch all through the year. In this batch basic fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics which would be required throughout XIth and XIIth (eg. Calculus) for taking up Engineering Entrance exams in future are covered.  Students for this batch are selected from our main Board ( CBSE/ ICSE ) batch based on (1) their score in our admission test and (2) their performance in the initial month in the Board Batch ( this is to ensure that  their performance in Boards do not get affected ).


Neev has a web based mechanism to provide feedback. Each student will be provided with a unique user id and password at the commencement of course. Marks for all assignments and tests will be uploaded on our website - - which can be accessed through the user account.
Parents are requested to login to their account regularly and monitor the chapter/phase wise performance of the student.

Batch size @ Neev

To ensure personal attention our batch size would be limited to 25 students.