Neev Classes

LAKSHYA (1 Year Program for School Plus IIT/AIEEE)

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Admission Process 

XI studying
15th - 30th March
Through Screening test/Spot Test
Whole academic year (March to next year May)
2/3 week days ( Threehrs) + 2 weekends (Four hrs)

Philosophy for Lakshya:

At NeevClasses, class XII is taken as a very important and determining year forstudent’s career.  At this competitive age, preparation under a time line is key to success. Lakshya is a one year class room contact program designed to cover full IIT/AIEEE syllabus in conjugationwith school syllabus. The whole course is divided into four phases with targeted milestones.

Targeted Approach towards the Success:  

Phase I (Master the School):15th March to 30th June
During this phase only school level concepts are covered followed by assignments and chapter test. Students will be intimated with our classroom schedule, deadline for assignments, and chapter wise tests. At the end of Phase I a Mega test will be conducted based on which the batch will be separated in two groups targeting IIT-JEE and AIEEE/CET/COMEDK/VIT respectively.

Phase II (Clear the Concepts):  1st July to 30th October
In this Phase, the whole IIT/AIEEE (XI+XII) syllabusis divided into fourequal parts which will be covered in the months of July, August, September and November. To follow-up with the development of the students, part tests will be conducted on last Sundays of July, August, September and October.

Phase III (Rise up tothe challenge):  1st November to 31st January
During this phase student’s participation is increased in problem solving. During this phase, full length revision will start followed by full length testson each Sunday for the respective groups.

Phase IV (Hit the target): 1st February to 31st May
In this phase the students will be provided with full length mock tests of the exams they would be taking one after the other.We will start with the Board exam mock test followed by mock tests for the different entrance exams.

Student Clinic@ 05:30 PM
This is an innovative mechanism to work with the weakness of a student at chapter/phase level. If the performance is not satisfactory in assignment/Chapter Test/Phase Test the student will be called for extra class at 05:30 pm apart from his regular class at Neev. This is also the personal space wherein a student can interact one on one with the faculty to address his/her queries/doubts. It is highly recommended that the student should come prepared to utilize this time.
Neev has a web based mechanism to provide feedback. Each student will be provided with a unique user id and password at the commencement of course. Marks for all assignments and tests will be uploaded on our website - which can be accessed through the user account.

Parents are requested to login to their account regularly and monitor the chapter/phase wise performance of the student.

Batch size @ Neev
To ensure personal attention our batch size would be limited to25 students.