Our Pedagogy

Classroom Teaching

Our courses don't just begin andend at our institute, we keep the students engaged at home too! We conduct several live lectures over video for students so that they can learn from the comfort of their homes. These sessions, in addition to the classroom lectures,serve to complete a wider array of topics, deep dive into concepts and revise topics prior to important examinations. while saving time spent in commuting.

Student's Clinic

Student's clinic serves as a personal space where in a student can share his/her concern with a tutor. It is often found that students find studying in the clinic more productive compared to home, even when they don’t have doubts. The students may accumulate their doubts over a week on the on going topics and have them clarified on a day of their choice

Group Study

Students are also encouraged to come in small groups and study at our center while helping each other. They can avail the numerous reference books kept at Neev.This creates an environment of healthy competition which is conducive to academic growth. Students get fully engrossed in their study and shine totheir full potential.


We believe that parent involvement is extremely critical in the holistic development of a child. Ensuring that a child is nurtured to realize their full potential is the team effort of parents,teachers and students. Keeping this in mind, we undertake multiple initiatives to keep parents in loop when it comes to their child's development.We conduct seminars through the year to educate parents about the Indian higher education sphere.Student reports are shared on a regular basis and multiple Parent Teacher meetings are conducted through the academic year.Our engagement is not just with children but also with parents so that we can bring out the best in every child.

Online Portal

Students are provided with a Deeple account on which they can go through subject material in the forn of digital media and then give mock tests in multiple patterns - JEE Mains & Adv, NEET and BITSAT - are a few of the test formats available on the platform. Adaptive tests are available for every singe topic on this comprehensive platform. Students can also analyze their performance an view solutions for each and every question in a test. Over our decade long journey in education, several students and parents have eagerly requested for Online courses from Neev.Over the course of the last few years, we analysed the pros and cons of multiple offline & online teaching programs and closed in on the short comings of both.This lead us to design our ‘Hybrid’ course which combines the advantages of both offline & online teaching.


Our web platform consists of a few easy to read visualizations that display where your child stands with respect to the class and whether their performance is actually improving or not.These visualizations also help in identifying weak concepts and areas tofocus on for each student.

jeeneet JEE Mains, Advance & BITSAT Selection

• More than 50% selection t either IITs, IISc, NITs and BITSs every year. • 100% selection of all our students to top streams (CS, IT, Electronics) in RV / PES / Manipal / VIT • KVPY and Ntse scholarship achievers every year • CBSE class 12 state topper, PUC I and II state topper, ISC & ICSE state toppers

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